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Unique to Thailand
Unique to Thailand

Sourced in Thailand - Your Unique Advantage

We know how hard it is to sell online these days. Every niche seems to be saturated with sellers. Every vendor buys from the same wholesalers or the same online marketplace like AliBaba. In turn, this makes it hard to find your own little niche.

That's where we can help.

We can source interesting and unique products from Thailand. If you have no idea of even what to sell, check out our photo gallery for insipration.

Thailand is a country that's famous for its markets. From artisan, handmade aromatherapy, jewellery and clothing items to electronics - there's a hidden treasure trove of products that YOU can discover and sell to your market. Items that aren't readily available through online wholesalers. That's your unique advantage in letting us be your eyes and ears on the ground in Thailand.

So why choose us?
  • we are based in Thailand. We visit suppliers and source items ourselves. No middle-men. No 3rd parties. No outsourcing.
  • you will talk to a UK ex-pat. No language barrier whatsoever.
  • we guarantee quality. We will check your shipment thoroughly before it's sent out
  • you pay through PayPal - your money is 100% guaranteed this way. If you are not satisfied in any way, you will get your money back (100%).
  • find unique products to sell. Thailand is full of artisans making unique products. We give you "offline" access to them as we directly visit suppliers in Thailand.
  • maximise your profit through us. We charge a fraction of your overall costs, and we will present you with concise, clearly laid out and itemised costings before you pay anything so you can accurately calculate your profit margins.
We are contactable through a UK number for your convenience. Talk to us on 0207 193 2755 or contact us via our contact page.

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