OTOP Products - Handmade Products from Thailand

OTOP stands for One Tambon One Product. It is an enterprise started by Taksin Shinawatra in 2001 - to help the Thai people start up their own businesses and support themselves, in turn promoting Thailand as a country with an "army" of cottage industries, producing homemade products.

OTOP is a real treasure trove for the overseas retailer. While there's a smattering of OTOP products on sites like AliBaba, you will not find most OTOP products online at all. We're talking about handmade jewellery, fashion accessories, clothing, aromatherapy, massage, healing crystals - all kinds of unique products only available at the OTOP shops and markets - OR, if you have someone who can source these goods in Thailand for you - such as ourselves.

More on OTOP here > One Tambon One Product


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